School Admissions

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The purpose of the Schools Admissions Team is to coordinate and allocate school places to children in the primary (4-11 years) and secondary (11-16 years) sector. The team also deals with requests for the transfer of primary and secondary aged pupils.


For admissions to primary and secondary school of school age:

All enquiries should be made to the School Admissions Team on 01325 388812 / 388027. Further information on this may be found in the Primary and Secondary brochures 2014/15.

General school admissions enquiries and appeals can be made by telephoning 01325 388812 / 388027 or by email:




Independent Choice Advice

The Choice Adviser works independently from the School Admissions team and is part of People and Families Information Support. Choice Advice is about helping and supporting families, parents, carers and children to make their best choice of school in Darlington. Choice Advisers can advise parents but not decide for them. The aim is to help families optimise their choices using all the information to hand (including over-subscription criteria), to ensure parents are more likely to get the best place for their child.

Why Choice Advice?

The admissions process can be complex for families. Therefore, parents/carers who require additional support and would like to discuss any aspect of applying for a school place, can speak to a Choice Adviser who will give them free and impartial information about school admissions and support  them through the admissions process. You can view more information on what the Choice Adviser can offer [external link]

Contact Details

Sue Davison,
Choice Adviser (People and Families Information Support),
Town Hall,

Telephone: 0800 9172121

Useful Information and Websites

Parents/carers may find the following useful, they all provide detailed information.

  • Home-to-school transport
  • People's Information Point [external link]
  • Advice on the Admission of Summer Born Children (PDF document)
  • Data View [external link] - This is a new digital tool enabling people to compare regional and local performance of schools, further education and childcare providers.
  • GOV.UK [external link] - This is a national website giving detailed information which parents/carers may need when deciding which school(s) to apply for.
  • Family information database and school finder [external link] - This website provides a facility for searching for primary and secondary schools. Ofsted information and access to school profiles can also be obtained.
  • Ofsted [external link] - Ofsted reports can be obtained from this site.
  • Parent View [external link] - Parent View gives you the chance to say what you think about your child’s school and to be able to see what other parents have said about a school you may be considering