Online services

This page contains links to Council services which can be applied for, paid for or requested on this website.

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My Darlington+

My Darlington+ is a service which allows you to:

  • Build up a list of links to pages that are of interest to you, and be notified whenever they are updated.
  • Sign up to weekly email alerts about events happening in the local area that are of interest to you.
  • Access your Council Tax and Housing Rents information.
  • Find out who your local councillor is.
  • Find out when your refuse and recycling will be collected, and be emailed when your dates change.

Report it

You can now report issues such as dog fouling, flytipping and litter on this website. You can also track all the issues you have reported online. Visit the Report it page to find out how.

Pay online

Visit our payments page for information about all the services you can pay for online.

Apply online

Here is a list of the services that you can apply for online.

Adult Social Care


Building Control

Visit the Building Applications types page to:

  • Apply for a Regularisation Certificate
  • Apply for a Building Notice
  • Apply for Full Plans Submission
  • Apply for Notice of Intention to Erect an Exempt Building
  • Apply for a Notice of Proposed Demolition


Childrens Services

Council Housing

Council Tax

Cultural Services

Visit the Dolphin centre online forms page to:

  • Make an enquiry about a birthday party
  • Make an enquiry about joining Fit 4 Life
  • Make an enquiry about Occasions (conferences and banqueting)
  • Make an enquiry about swimming lessons for children 


Environmental health


Freedom of Information and Open Data

Growing Older Living in Darlington


Housing Benefits


Land charges


Visit the private sector housing page to:

  • Contact the private sector housing team
  • Make a complaint about private sector housing conditions


Parking permit

Register Office

School admissions

Make a comment

Here is a list of some of the ways you can comment on proposals or give us feedback about the services we provide.