Economic Strategy: 2012-2026

This document, published jointly by Darlington Partnership [external link] and Darlington Borough Council, recognises the difficulties recession has placed upon both businesses and households in the borough and the need to develop a robust strategy for recovery and growth.

We have much to be proud of in Darlington, assets that are first class and present many opportunities; our heritage and culture, leading education provision, a world renowned engineering and manufacturing  background, a highly-skilled workforce and strengths in both old and new industries.

The involvement of many different businesses in preparing the strategy has proven the benefits of local businesses coming together to solve common problems and identify common opportunities. The strategy is based on:

  • everyone involved in economic activity in the Borough working together,
  • supporting local businesses to start and to grow,
  • attracting new businesses to the Borough, especially those in high value, technologically skilled, industries.
  • making sure Darlington has the right features to keep businesses here.