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Learning & Skills

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Lifelong learning and the improvement of skills levels can bring many benefits.  These can include enhanced employability, increased wage levels and productivity as well as social benefits.

Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that those without any qualifications will earn, on average, 20% less than those with GCSEs A*-C (Level 2). Whilst those with A Levels (Level 3) on average will earn 15% more than those with GCSEs, and those with a degree 85% more than those with GCSEs.

Further information can be found by contacting the National Careers Service [external link] or by calling 0800 100 900.

Tees Valley Combined Authority Skills and Labour Market Information Portal [external link] - This is an online resource to assist individuals, employers, learning and skills partners and policy makers in the Tees Valley gain access to a vast range of labour market and skills.