Private fostering: are you looking after a child for someone?

If you are looking after a child or children on someone else's behalf who is not a relative then this may be a private fostering arrangement. The law requires that you inform Children's Services who will determine: -

  • whether the arrangement falls within the Private Fostering Regulations,
  • undertake an assessment of your suitability to care for the child(ren) and,
  • consider whether the arrangement is in the child’s best interests.

Contact the M.A.S.H team on 01325 742 020

Somebody else's child

Help keep children safe and support families.  If someone who isn't a close relative cares for somebody else's child for more than 28 days the local council must be notified.

For more information visit the Somebody Else's Child Website [external website]

Relevant Forms

Notification Form Private Fostering [pdf document]

Private Fostering Communication Strategy [pdf document]

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