Useful Documents

October 2014 Briefing Presentation

Learning Lessons Review

During 2013 the LSCB has undertaken a multi-agency review, the Executive Summary on Child 'A' highlights the issues.

Business and action plan

The Business and Action Plan reports on Child Protection activity in Darlington and achievements of the LSCB and will set out its objectives and work programme for the forthcoming year.

Annual Report and Terms of Reference

The annual report highlights the important work of the multi-agency Children’s Safeguarding Board and the key activities, challenges and specific issues that have been addressed over the past 12 months.

Performance Management Framework

Working Together 2015 gives a clear framework for Local Safeguarding Children Board's to monitor the effectiveness of local services.  The framework will support and strengthen the LSCB's understanding of the impact of safeguarding practices and services on improving the outcomes for children and young people in Darlington.

Performance Management Framework [pdf document]

Self assessment

The Local Safeguarding Children Board has a key role in achieving high standard in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, not just by coordinating, but also by evaluation and continuous improvement. Individual organisations are therefore asked to self-evaluate, under agreed indicators, and to share their results with the Board.