Making and Growing Places Development Plan DPD - Now Withdrawn (Hidden)

Making & Growing Places timetable update

Between June and August 2013 the Council consulted on the Making & Growing Places (MGP) Preferred Options Development Plan Document and between May and July 2014 on a Revised Preferred Options for housing sites across the Borough.  The responses to both consultations can be found below.  

It was the Council’s aim and intention to report the final Draft Submission MGP to Cabinet on 2 December, with a view to starting a final consultation period early in the New Year.

However, some parts of the evidence base remain outstanding and further work is required before the Local Plan can be reported to Cabinet.  In particular, we need to drill down further into the highway modelling relating to the North West corridor. This follows consideration and discussion with the Highways Agency resulting in much more detailed traffic modelling work to supplement the existing study we had completed. This needs to be undertaken to fully understand the likely impacts on parts of the local and strategic (motorway) highway network. This will inform any necessary mitigation works that may be required. Other outstanding work relates to the future of education, health and sports facility provision. Officers will also be finalising the housing allocation policies in light of the work carried out since the consultation and the further evidence mentioned above.

As a consequence we need to adjust the Local Plan timetable. We now expect the final Submission Draft Plan to be reported to Cabinet next summer.  When the submission draft is ready, we will notify all those who previously commented about the final MGP consultation period, which we now expect to take place in summer 2015. 

If you require any further information please contact Planning Policy at or on our new number 01325 406724.  

Previous Consultation

Making and Growing Places Consultation on Revised Housing Policy MGP 16

The consultation for the Revised Preferred Options for New Housing ran from the 23rd May to the 4th July. Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation.

The responses received in relation to the consultation have now been considered by Officers and a report was presented to the Place Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 2nd October. The report which was considered by the committee can be seen by following this link.

You can see the comments made to each site, and our response to these comments, by clicking on the links below. The comments are listed in site order, starting from RHa1i (Land south of Burtree Lane / Land to the north of White Horse Pub) through to RHa24 (Upper Russell Street). There will also be links to the general comments made about the revised policy and the consultation process.  This will be at the end of the list of links.

No comments were received during this consultation in relation to the following sites:

  • Former Corus land, Whessoe Road (RHc1)
  • Former DFC Ground, Feethams (RHc2)
  • Rear of Heron Drive (RHc3)
  • Ruck/rear Cockerton Club (RHc4)
  • Croft House, Hurworth Place (RHc5)
  • Former Eastbourne Nursery (RHc6)
  • Alverton Drive (RHc7)
  • 1 Blackwell Lane (RHc8)
  • Forge Tavern, Albert Hill (RHc9)
  • 136 Lowson Street (RHc10)
  • Rise Carr Club (RHc11)
  • Former Eastbourne School Footprint (RHc12)  
  • Memorial Hospital(RHa6)
  • Mowden Hall (RHa14)
  • Glebe Road North (RHa15)
  • Darlington Timber Supplies (RHa16)
  • Land to the rear of Scargill Shops (RHa23)

Revised Preferred Options for New Housing – Comments Received and Officer Comments

Please note all documents can be searched using Ctrl + F then entering your search term.

Hs1a: Lingfield Point (Phase 1) and Hs1b: Lingfield Point (remainder) [pdf document]
Hs3: West Park [pdf document]
Hs4: Town Centre Fringe [pdf document]
Hs5: North West Urban Fringe [pdf document]
Hs6: Eastern Urban Fringe [pdf document]
RHa1i / RHa1ii: Land south of Burtree Lane/Land to north of White Horse Pub AND Land north of White Horse Pub/Berrymead Farm South [pdf document]
RHa2: Eastbourne School [pdf document]

RHa3: Muscar House Farm South [pdf document]

RHa4: Former Springfield School and area [pdf document]
RHa5: Cattle Mart and car park, Clifton Road/Park Lane [pdf document]
RHa7: Alexander Street/Blackett Road [pdf document]
RHa8: North of Red Hall [pdf document]
RHa9: Former Arts Centre, Vane Terrace [pdf document]

RHa10: Hartington Way/Bellburn Lane [pdf document]

RHa11: South of Bowes Court/Haughton Road [pdf document]
RHa12:  Former Alderman Leach School Field [pdf document]
RHa13: Woodburn Nursery [pdf document]
RHa17: Eggleston View [pdf document]
RHa18: Hammond Drive [pdf document] 
RHa19: Ravensthorpe, Carmel Road North [pdf document]
RHa20: Land at Haughton Road [pdf document]
RHa21: Back Greenwell Street [pdf document]
RHa22: Lime Avenue Open Space [pdf document]
RHa24: Upper Russell Street [pdf document]
General Policy Comments [pdf document]
Comments about the Consultation Process [pdf document]

Consultation documents are still listed below for reference

Please note all documents can be searched for terms using Ctrl + f then entering your search term.

Revised MGP16 Proposed Housing Sites – Individual Site Plans

Making and Growing Places Preferred Options Development Plan Document SCHEDULE OF CONSULTATION RESPONSES

Thank you to those of you who responded to the MGP consultation. All of your comments have now been considered by Officers.

Schedules of all of the comments received, and relevant officer responses, can be seen below. For ease of reference, the comments have been filed under the relevant policy heading. Any site specific comments have also been saved under the overall policy. For example, comments made relating to Ha7: Alderman Leach School Field can be seen under MGP16 – New Housing.

Click on the Section to view the overall section comments and policy comments within it.

Draft MGP Policies:

Section 2 Context
MGP1 – Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development [excel document]

Section 3 Achieving a More Sustainable Community [excel document]
MGP2 – Darlington Town Centre [excel document]
MGP3 – Town Centre Fringe [excel document]
MGP4 – Existing Strategic Comments [excel document]
MGP5 – North West Urban Fringe [excel document]
MGP6 – Eastern Urban Fringe [excel document]
MGP7 – Durham Tees Valley Airport [excel document]
MGP8 – Development Limits [excel document]
MGP9 – Economic Development in the Open Countryside [excel document]
MGP10 – Residential Uses in the Open Countryside [excel document]

Section 4 Prosperous Darlington [excel document]
MGP11 – Promoting Employment Opportunities [excel document]

Section 5 A Vibrant Town Centre and Accessible Shops and Services [excel document]
MGP12 – Town Centres
 [excel document]
MGP13 – The Primary Shopping Area [excel document]
MGP14 – Fringe Shopping Areas [excel document]
MGP15 – District and Local Centres [excel document]

Section 6 Quality Housing For All [excel document]
MGP16 – New Housing Sites (includes Hs, Hc and Ha references) [excel document]
MGP17 – Top End Executive Housing (includes He references) [excel document]
MGP18 – Red Hall Housing Regeneration Area [excel document]
MGP19 – Housing Intensification [excel document]
MGP20 – Accommodating Travelling Groups [excel document]

Section7 A Distinctive, Greener, Cleaner Environment [excel document]
MGP21 – Protecting Darlington’s Heritage Assets [excel document]
MGP22 – Local Landscape Character [excel document]
MGP23 – Green Infrastructure [excel document]
MGP24 – Green Infrastructure Standards [excel document]
MGP25 – Biodiversity and Geodiversity and Development [excel document]
MGP26 – Outdoor Sports Facilities [excel document]

Section 8 Efficient and Effective Transport [excel document]
MGP27 – Delivering a More Sustainable Transport Network [excel document]
MGP28 – Improving Access and Accessibility [excel document]
MGP29 –Parking Provision [excel document]

Section 9 Infrastructure [excel document]
MGP30 – Physical Infrastructure [excel document]
MGP31 – Supporting the Delivery of Community and Social Infrastructure [excel document]

Section 10 Managing Development [excel document]
MGP32 – Safeguarding Amenity [excel document]
MGP33 – Sustainable Design and Adaptation to Climate Change [excel document]
MGP34 – Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) [excel document]
MGP35 – Airport Safety [excel document]

Additional Comments: [excel document] 
Sustainability Appraisal [excel document]
General Comments [excel document]
Comments relating to the Process [excel document]
Factsheets [excel document]
Housing Technical Paper [excel document]
Appendices [excel document]

Making and Growing Places: Preferred Options [pdf document] is a draft document which sets out the Council’s view on the amount, type and location of new development in the Borough over the coming years. The consultation period has now ended but all of the consultation documents can still be viewed below:

12 fact sheets have also been created which provide a summary of the information in Making and Growing Places. They provide a quick guide to each theme and each significant development location:

  1. Introduction to Making and Growing Places [pdf document]
  2. Town Centre, District and Local Centres [pdf document]
  3. Town Centre Fringe [pdf document]
  4. North West Urban Fringe [pdf document]
  5. Eastern Urban Fringe [pdf document]
  6. Limits to Development and Countryside [pdf document]
  7. Promoting Employment Opportunities [pdf document]
  8. Quality Housing For All [pdf document]
  9. Green Infrastructure [pdf document]
  10. Sustainable Transport [pdf document]
  11. Physical and Social Infrastructure [pdf document]
  12. Managing Development [pdf document]

Copies of the documents continue to be available to view at the Town Hall and any of the Borough’s libraries. If you would like a paper copy to take away or copy on a CD, please contact us and we will provide these as soon as possible.

All development proposals and draft policies set out in the Making and Growing Places planning document are available on the Draft Policies Consultation Map for Darlington (below). However, please see the consultation material for the Making and Growing Places Revised Housing Site Proposals (at the top of this page) for more up to date information about the revised housing site proposals.

dpd map

Please note these new draft policies should not be confused with the existing policies which currently make up the adopted Local Plan. You can view information about existing adopted policies by viewing the Local Plan Online Proposals Map - Adopted Policies [external link].

You can also view the following technical papers which provide a bit more information about how draft policies have been formulated:


Find out more about the type of things covered by Making and Growing Places

  • Shops and services: The draft plan identifies the Town Centre as the place where most shops, leisure facilities, bars, restaurants and hotels should continue to go. In other areas, smaller shops and services will be protected near where people live and work. Making and Growing Places also recognises the importance of making provision for additional small shops, community facilities, and other local services to meet the local needs of residents in areas of housing growth - the proposed extension of the West Park Local Centre is a key example of this. The plan also includes proposals for new schools and doctors surgeries.
  • Meeting housing needs: there are plans to provide about 5800 new homes in Darlington by 2026. Most will go on large new sites at Central Park, the Town Centre Fringe and Lingfield Point and smaller sites in the built up area. Two large new neighbourhoods are planned for the edges of the built up area in the North West (near West Park) and the East (near Red Hall). The plan also sets out proposals for affordable homes, improving housing at Red Hall, and accommodating travelling groups by extending existing sites.
  • Business and jobs: the document shows how enough attractive land will be provided in Darlington to meet the needs of existing businesses and those people who may want to invest in Darlington in the future. The plan sets out proposals for new employment land at Faverdale, Lingfield Point, Yarm Road and Morton Palms. Proposals for new offices will be provided in the Town Centre, the Town Centre Fringe and Central Park.
  • Environment: the draft plan protects Darlington’s green spaces and sports facilities. It also sets out proposals for 33ha of new playing fields and about 60ha of new open space so that people can enjoy sport, recreation, play and nature close to home in the future.
  • Getting around: the document seeks to make walking, cycling and using public transport and the car in the Borough safer, more comfortable and convenient for everyone, particularly along the inner ring road in the Town Centre Fringe and along the A66 (T). The draft plan also proposes improving road, rail and cycle links between Darlington and the rest of the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and Durham.

Did you know?

Making and Growing Places brought together two planning documents that were previously being prepared: the Making Places and Accommodating Growth DPD and the Eastern Town Centre Fringe AAP. These two planning documents have been formally withdrawn from the Council’s Local Plan making programme.

You can still view the Scoping Report for the Making and Growing Places [pdf document] which was published and consulted on in October / November 2012. Also available is the Sustainability Appraisal Report [pdf document] and Appendices [pdf document] and the Summary of Consultation Responses [pdf document]