Green infrastructure strategy

All green environments - whether it’s a public Local Nature Reserve, playing field, play area, park, green corridor, community forest or private farm land - are known as ‘green infrastructure’. All can play an important part in our everyday lives for sport, recreation, play, walking, cycling, protecting wildlife or growing food. They can also help reduce the risk of flooding and help reduce the impact of climate change.

Darlington’s Green Infrastructure Strategy [pdf document, 11.7MB] was approved by Cabinet on the 1 October 2013. It sets out objectives and priority actions for landscape, biodiversity, movement, outdoor sport and recreation, production, climate change and management and maintenance.

The accompanying Action Plan [pdf document, 9.82MB] identifies key projects across the Borough – many make better use of green infrastructure and add value to existing spaces, others will create new green infrastructure in key locations by 2026.

The Green Infrastructure Guide [pdf document, 20.2MB] is based around Darlington’s 12 green corridors and the rural area. Each has a map which shows the key projects that are expected to take place by 2026. This means that those working in the green environment will be aware from an early stage of the different green features that would benefit each part of Darlington.

These documents are written for, and have been prepared in consultation with, key delivery partners; Friends Groups, allotment associations, community organisations, developers, statutory organisations and the different Council services, that will help develop, manage and communicate the benefits of the Borough’s green infrastructure network. Together they will help update the ‘living’ Action Plan and Guide each April to make sure that the most up to date actions, projects and funding are identified.

The documents can be viewed or downloaded below. All documents are also available from Darlington Town Hall and all Darlington libraries during normal office hours. All are available in hardcopy – the Strategy and Action Plan are £12 each and the Guide is £20 (all costs include p & p).

Supporting documents