Pre-application service


Do you..

  • Have plans for building works or other developments?
  • Have business premises, but wish to change the current use or alter/extend them?

Are you...

  • Unsure if you need permission or whether your proposals are likely to be acceptable?

The One Stop Shop is an advisory service offered by us to identify the consents required and how to apply for them. We can offer advice on major issues and can tell you if permission is likely to be granted.

If you would like us to evaluate your proposal in advance of you submitting an application, please fill in one of the following forms:

More details of this service are available in the pre-application charter [pdf document]. This document will tell you the information we need to know and the type of service you can expect from us.

More information about fees


The Council has recently reviewed its position as far as it relates to informal planning advice, particularly as far as it relates to giving advice on the need for planning permission on householder developments. Until recently the Council offered this service for a small fee. The advice however was not legally binding.

From the 1 Nov 2016, the Council will no longer offer this service. We advise however that should a definitive legally binding decision be required on whether a householder proposal requires planning permission or not, a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development under the Town and Country Planning Act 1991 [as amended] should be applied for. This legally binding certificate is often a requirement of lenders before funds are released.