Darlington station growth hub

Darlington station

Darlington Station requires improvements to ensure that it retains its status as a major regional asset. Over the coming years there is a forecast for increased demand for services which the station in its current state cannot accommodate.  

Darlington Station is also an important catalyst for local and regional economic growth. Key objectives for the Station are:

  • to enable better national, regional and local rail connectivity
  • more frequent and faster trains
  • to future proof the Station for the introduction of higher speed trains (HS2) on the East Coast Main Line
  • to improve the passenger experience
  • better pedestrian and cycle access and integration with other travel modes.

On top of this, the immediate surroundings including the entrances and exits of the station are in need of regeneration   to be able to fully perform their potential as key gateways to the Town Centre and Central Park. The vision identifies key areas around the station which could make a significant contribution to economic growth. 

The vision includes a remodelling of the station, with dedicated platforms for local and national rail services. 

Darlington 2025 vision [pdf document] Darlington 2025 presentation [pdf document]

Darlington Station is one of the strategic transport priorities of the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), more information can be found on their website [external link].