Feethams Riverside Scheme

Feethams Riverside Scheme

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Project Progress

Work has started on the Riverside Park, it will be completed in June 2017.

Site Access

During construction, disruption to the public will be kept to a minimum. 

Please note that the pedestrian and cycle routes that run over Lead Yard Bridge will remain for a majority of the building works, however there will be the need to close these for short periods during the works. Regular updates will be posted on the webpage and through social media to keep you informed of when this is going to be to minimise any disruption. 

site logistics

Alternative Parking

The Town Hall car park will close permanently  in order to facilitate the Riverside Park. The closest available parking can be found in Feethams multi-storey car park on Beaumont Street.

Disabled parking: There will be no change to the disabled parking under the canopy at the front of the Town Hall, and there will be no charge for this parking.

Details of other car parks can be found on the parking page.

Project details

Aim: To deliver a green liner park along the Western Bank of the River Skerne within the Feethams development area - stretching from the boundary of the Feethams Leisure development up to St Cuthbert's churchyard boundary.  


  1. Provide as sustainable transport link - formal access along the riverside for pedestrians and cyclists is to be created.
  2. Ecology - provide a varied and accessible river edge and environment. Within the park, there are opportunities for a variety of habitats to be created that relate to the topography and quality of the scheme. Where possible, biodiversity enhancements should be encouraged for example through sensitive lighting scheme and appropriate native planting, to protect the river as an important wildlife corridor.
  3. Heritage and archaeology - the site has a number of above and below ground heritage assets, some of which are designated and that have a key role in defining Darlington's historic development, character and identity. The scheme will utilise some of the Bishophouse stone that was uncovered as part of the DfE development, and will use some of this for seating within the Riverside scheme. The project will also see an interpretation board, which will give some narrative about the site, and will recognise the Bishop's palace, archaeological discoveries etc.
  4. Provide high quality public realm - there will be formal landscape planting which will include specimen trees with a crown of sufficient height so not to prevent natural surveillance and security. Lighting levels have been designed to promote safety and security whilst also not causing light pollution or harm to the adjoining heritage assets.   

Why are we doing this?

  • The Feethams Planning and Development Brief, adopted in 2008 identifies around 2500m2 of new green space adjacent to the River Skerne to add to the amenity and function of the area complementary to the proposed and implemented development.
  • The brief was developed in partnership with the public and stakeholders and the riverside as a key public good that balances the need for development with the good ecological function, heritage considerations and access requirements for the area, for the benefit of all.
  • Funding was secured from the HCA through the land receipt for the Feethams Leisure Development for the development of the Linear Park within the Feethams brief. This funding cannot be spent on anything else, and if not used on the Park will be a significant resource lost to the town.
  • The Feethams area has undergone significant improvements in the last few years including the Feethams Leisure scheme, multi-story car park, bus waiting facilities. The Park will further enhance this through improving the Western Bank of the River Skerne directly to the rear of the Town Hall and Bishopsgate House. The project includes walkways, tree planting, seated areas and a viewing platform.

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