We have leaflets covering the following (click each item to view or scroll down the full list). We can also make leaflets available on request in Braille, large print, on audio, in easy read, electronically and in other languages.

General Leaflets
Information on making a compliment or complaint and direct payments.

Adults and Older People
Information on the assessment process, the contributions policy, residential care homes and keeping adults safe.

Carers Services
Including information on help available if you a carer and carers assessments.

Visual Impairment Services
Including information on rehabilitation services and contacts for visually impaired groups.

Hearing Impairment Services
Including information on hearing assessments and contacts for hearing impaired groups.

Learning Disability Services
Information on the services provided by the Learning Disability Service

Other Useful Leaflets
Leaflets produced by other organisations which you may find useful

General Leaflets

G1 - Adult Social Care in Darlington
What Adult Social Care in Darlington do and how we may be able to support you

G3 - A Brief Guide to Self Directed Support
Information on the new way Adult Social Care provide support.

G6 - Disabled Facilites Grant
Information on the grant which is available to pay for adaptations to support people with disabilities to live more independently in their homes.

G7 - Direct Payments
Information on the Direct Payments scheme in Darlington

G8 - Help Outside of Office Hours: The Emergency Duty Service
Contact details if you need to get in touch with someone outside office hours

G10 - RIACT (Short Intervention Service) [rich text document]
Information on the service aimed at helping people recover from illness and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.

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Adults and Older People

A2 - Charging For Residential Or Nursing Home Accommodation [rich text document]
Information on how you will pay for residential care should you or a relative be assessed as needing this service.

A3 - Contributions to Personal Budgets and Non-Residential Services [rich text document]
Information on how you will pay for services such as home care or day care should you or a relative be assessed as needing it.

A4 - Charges For People With Property [rich text document]
Information on how you will pay for residential care if you already own your own property.

A5 - Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation, Adaptations and Equipment to help you at home [rich text document]
Information on how you can get equipment to help you stay as independent as possible in your home.

A7 - Registered Care Homes within the Borough Of Darlington [rich text document]
A list of all residential homes in Darlington registered by the Care Quality Commission

A11 - Working together to end adult abuse
Information on how to protect adults at risk

A12 - Mental Capacity Act - Information about Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards [rich text document]
Information on the safeguards in place to protect adults at risk

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Carers Services

C1 - Helping Carers to Care [rich text version]
Information on carers' assessments and help available to you as a carer

C2 - Carers Information Sheet [rich text version]
Contact details for both local and national carers organisations

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Visual Impairment Services

VI 1 - Are you having problems with your sight?
A list of useful telephone numbers.

VI 2 - Are you, or is someone you know having problems with sight?
A list of useful telephone numbers.

VI 3 - Vane House Resource Centre
Information on the services available at Vane House.

VI 5 - Crown Street Audio Book Club
Details about the audio book club at Darlington library.

VI 6 - Darlington Social Club for the Blind
Information and contact details about the Social Club

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Hearing Impairment Services

HI 1 - Support for Deaf and Hearing Impaired people in Darlington [rich text document]
Information and contact details on a wide range of services available for deaf and hearing impaired people.

HI 2 - Deaf Duty Team
Information on the service available for deaf, hearing impaired and deafblind people.

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Learning Disability

LD1 - Holicote - 93 Newton Lane: Short Breaks For Adults with a Learning Disability
Information on the short break stay service

LD2 - Compliments, Comments and Complaints Form
Information on how to make a compliment, comment or complaint about the service

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Other Useful Leaflets

NHS Continuing Health Care and NHS Funded Nursing Care - available on the Department of Health website [external link]

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