Safeguarding Adults

Darlington Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board has a responsibility to help and protect adults (18 years and over) with care and support needs who are experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect as a result of those needs. The Care Act (2014) tells us what we must do to safeguard adults.

The Board in its vision is committed to working together to prevent and protect adults from abuse and neglect and in supporting adult's rights to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.  Darlington Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board makes sure that all the organisations support this vision by working together, to prevent and protect individuals from risk and from experiencing abuse or neglect. This means making sure that we listen to the views, wishes, feelings and beliefs of those affected in order to promote their wellbeing. This needs the commitment of agencies to follow the same policies and procedures. The Statement of Government Policy on Adult Safeguarding (Department of Health) identifies six key principles of safeguarding practice and these are reinforced by the Care Act (2014):-

  • Empowerment - Presumption of person led decisions and informed consent.       
  • Prevention - It is better to take action before harm occurs. 
  • Proportionality - Proportionate and least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.     
  • Protection - Support and representation for those in greatest need.  
  • Partnership - Local solutions through services working with their communities. Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse.  
  • Accountability - Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding.    

These pages tell you about what abuse is, what you can do if you suspect someone is being abused and what may happen next. Information about safeguarding children (anyone under the age of 18) can be found at the Safeguarding Children Board pages

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