Documents and Guidance

Useful documents and guidance relating to safeguarding adults.

Information for the public

Message Bulletin from the Darlington Adults Partnership Board - June 2016 [pdf document]

Pages From DSAPB Newsletter June 2016 Small

Message Bulletin from the Darlington Adults Partnership Board - April 2016 [pdf document]

Pages From DASPB Small

Darlington Adult Social Care Annual Report and Business Plan [pdf document, 1.4MB]

Staying Safe 1

Staying Safe [pdf document, 1.0MB]

Stop Abuse Now 1

Stop Abuse Now [pdf document, 1.2MB]

Keepingyourselfsafe 1

Keeping Yourself Safe [pdf document, 1.3MB]

Keepingyourselfsafe 1

Looking After Your Health [pdf document, 766kb]

SAER 1  

Safeguarding Adults Statement [pdf document]

Sanwebsite 1

Training Annual Report 2015/16 [word document]

North East Safeguarding Adults website [external link] 

Report Hate Crime [pdf document]

Stop Hate UK [external link]
This is a charity that can provide confidential and independent support if you have been affected by Hate Crime.

True Vision [external link]
This website is able to provide further information about hate crime or hate incidents and how to report them. You can report using an on-line form and find information about help and support available to you.

Information for Professionals

Pages From Safeguarding Adults Review SAR Protocol Small

Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Protocol [pdf document]

Pages From S011 DSAPB Multi Agency Policy Procedures 2015 V004cover

Darlington Safeguarding Adults Policy [pdf document]

Practice Tool To Aid Decision Making Policy V3

Practice Tool to aid Decision Making policy [pdf document]

Adultsafeguarding 1

Adult Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse [pdf document] 

Safeguarding Adults - Preserving Evidence - Good Practice Guide [pdf document] 

Other documents

Guidelines for Deprivation of Liberty [pdf document]

Protecting people in decision making [pdf document]

"Raising a concern with CQC" [pdf document]

Safeguarding Adults - National Framework of Standards [pdf document, 441kb]