Darlington Gateway

What is the Darlington Gateway

The Darlington Gateway aims to prevent people from becoming homeless. Where homelessness cannot be prevented, a full assessment of an individual's support and accommodation needs will be made. This ensures the right services can be provided, and may include referrals to homeless accommodation or housing support services. In certain circumstances this is the only way to access some forms of accommodation and support. The Darlington Gateway will also offer support to vulnerable people, so they are less likely to become homeless again in the future.

Who does the Darlington Gateway help?

The Darlington Gateway helps people in Darlington who are currently homeless, who also require support to develop or maintain independent living skills.

How does the Darlington Gateway work?

The first thing that will happen is that a simple needs assessment will be completed. We will need to ask you some personal questions, as the information you give us will help us provide the best support to you. It also means that if you contact the Gateway again in the future, you will not need to give us this information again.

If you have ongoing support needs, then we will need to complete a more detailed needs assessment with you - we will need to work with other support agencies, who may already be helping you. This will allow us to make an individual housing and support plan that is built around your specific needs and circumstances. Throughout all the processes, you will be involved, and will be able to say what you think about the support services being offered to you.

What if I have no accommodation tonight?

The Gateway will make every effort to make sure that some kind of accommodation is available to you. If that is not possible, we will keep working with you, until your housing problem is solved. You may qualify for other emergency housing from Darlington Borough Council as a vulnerable person.

What if I have specific needs?

The Gateway works closely with other support agencies, to help you with any additional support that you may have, for example drug or alcohol problems. We will do our best to make sure that we get you the right type of support to help your particular needs.


Through the support from the Darlington Gateway we will make sure that you are informed about housing choices, to help you find permanent accommodation. This may include making sure that you are on the waiting list with housing associations, Darlington Borough Council housing, and looking at renting from private landlords and bidding for property under the Choice Based Letting Scheme.

Contact us

If you would like to speak with someone about the Darlington Gateway during Office hours please contact Darlington Borough Council  on 01325 405333

With your consent any support service or organisation can contact the Darlington Gateway on your behalf . If you are unable to leave your home, we can arrange for someone to visit you.

If you need help regarding homelessness outside of these hours please call 01642 524552 or Minicom: 01642 602346.