How and Where Can I Pay my Rent?

  • If your rent account is up to date the easiest way to pay is by direct debit [pdf document]
  • You can also pay by standing order [pdf document], but you must contact your Management Officer to confirm your payments
  • Why not pay your rent online? [external link]
  • You can view your balance on My Darlington+ (although you can't use My Darlington+ to pay) 
  • Payment by credit or debit card can be done by calling 0300 456 2671
  • You can also pay at:
    • any Post Office or Pay Zone in the country
    • cash or card payments can be made between Monday and Friday in the Customer Services Centre, Town Hall
    • Fore more details please read How Can I Pay My Rent

If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to housing benefit to pay part of your rent.  If you are unsure as to how much benefit you are entitled to please use the benefits calculator [external link]. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the Benefits calculations, please note that they should only be used as a rough guide. If you think you are entitled to benefit, please apply.

What will my reference number be?

This will be the 9 digit tenancy number shown on the bottom right hand side of your Girobank plastic card or contact us and we will advise you.  If you have lost your card we will replace it free of charge within 7-10 working days. Once we receive your request for a replacement card, we will issue a letter containing a bar code which you can use immediately for payments of rent until your card arrives.

When will my payment reach my account?

Your account will be updated overnight. However payments made on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will not show on your account until the Monday of the new rent week.

How will I know what my balance is?

We will supply a statement of your rent on quarterly basis detailing the payment you have made and the current balance. 

You can also contact us to request this information or view your balance on My Darlington+

I can't pay my rent

If you are experiencing problems paying your rent you will need to contact us urgently. We will give you advice. If you don't tell us you have a problem, or keep to an agreement to pay off the debt, we may have no alternative but to take legal action against you and you will still have to pay us what you owe us.

Tenancy Sustainment Team

We offer free and confidential advice to Darlington Borough Council tenants on:

Northumbrian Water Social Tariff

We may be able to reduce your water rate charge, which is normally included in your rent, by up to 50%.  If you have a water meter you may still be eligible for the reduced tariff.

Discretionary Housing Payments

We may be able to get you extra help for your rent if it is not fully met by Housing Benefit or the housing element in your Universal Credit.

Personal Budgeting Support

We can give you advice and support if you, or your partner, are getting Universal Credit to help you manage your monthly payment and pay your rent and bills.


We can check to make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and complete better off calculations for you.


We can give you help and advice with making realistic and affordable payment arrangements.

Managing Your Money

We can help you stay on top of your bills and look at ways to save money.

Home phone and Broadband

We may be able to help you to save money on your phone and internet costs by comparing deals.

Gas and Electricity

We can help you save money on your energy bills by comparing deals and advising how you can be more efficient with your gas and electricity usage.

Basic Bank Accounts and Credit Union Savings

We can help you decide what type of bank account best fits your needs and tell you which account features you should think about.

Loan Sharks

We can advise you on what do if you have borrowed money from a loan shark.

Contact us:

Louise Etherington
Telephone: 01325 406962
Mobile: 07984282289

Shau Kan 
Telephone: 01325 406939
Mobile: 07957675804