Red Hall Regeneration


Major changes are taking place in Red Hall and in the coming years there are proposals for a large housing development in the surrounding area. The longer term changes have been brought together in a Master Plan that is now available for consultation. In the meantime work has already started in Red Hall.

Tenant Panel members visit new flats at Red Hall

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On 13 April 2016 members of the 3 tenant panels visited the new flats on Red Hall. Denise Parkin, Chair of Customer Panel commented: “Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Red Hall, pleasantly surprised at how good the houses external appearance managed to completely change the whole area. We viewed a vacant first floor flat. It was a great success with everyone there, lovely large kitchen with the boiler in a cupboard, in my view they should all be out of sight, lots of storage with a lot of light coming in from a good sized window. A bathroom you could actually move about in and not bump into the toilet or sink, brilliant.

Everyone loved the small balcony and the lounge was light and very spacious. More people need to see the difference these changes have made to Red Hall and they will I am sure be amazed.”

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What is happening now on the estate?
What is still to come?
It’s not just the buildings, it’s about the people
Want to know more about the Master Plan?
The History of the Red Hall Estate

What is happening on the estate?

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Work to Existing Stock:

√ 56 homes in the Courts have been demolished.

√ 383 Council homes are receiving double glazing and new doors to be completed by the end of 2015.

√ Council homes will receive fencing and path works where are they are needed.

Artists render of new builds

√ 248 homes will be receiving external cladding to be completed by the end of 2015 and residents will have a choice of colours. This is an example of finished properties at Lascelles:


If you want more information about the cladding work contact:

Turner Facilities Management
Irene Stonehewer
Tenant Liaison Officer
07816 174821

√ 24 homes in Aintree and Anfield will have the back and front entrances reversed starting November and finishing in March 2016.

New Build:

√ 20 new Council two bed flats are being developed at Deepdale Way (ready to let in October) and Badminton Close (ready to let in January).

Home Med

Want to know more about the new properties and how to apply for them? View the plans

If you want to know more about the works that have now started on the estate contact the following:

 What is still to come?

  • Proposals are being developed to build a mix of flats and houses on Aintree and Anfield.
  • Plans are still being developed for environmental works that will include green spaces, play areas.
  • Access links between the new development and the estate are being considered as part of the Master Plan.
  • The Master Plan is also looking at the options for shopping.
  • A draft master plan should be available for consultation in September 2015. There will be publicity to support this.

It’s not just about the buildings and environment it’s about the people

A Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy has been published which is about how the residents on the estate can get involved:

  • Identifying practical ways to ensure that a significant number of residents participate and develop their confidence and skills
  • Building the capacity of the community to exercise influence, manage community projects, etc.
  • Identifying the resources needed to support community involvement in the medium term and ensure the sustainability of the work.

The intention is to involve all sections of the community and for the community to take the lead.

You can find out more about the Red Hall Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy here. Choose either:

If you want to know more contact the Customer Engagement Team: 01325 405953 or

Want to know more about the Master Plan?

The Master Plan covers the proposed new development to the North and East of Red Hall and the regeneration of Red Hall itself.

  • It takes account of proposed housing developments at Burdon Hill and Lingfield Point.
  • Considers the relationship between the new developments and the estate looking at issues such as transport, shopping and education.
  • Consider environmental issues.

The Draft Master Plan can be found here [pdf document]

The History of Red Hall

Work to build the Red Hall Estate began in 1966 –See it being built

The development of the estate was completed in 1977. Built using non-traditional methods, the estate was developed using the “Radburn” design. It is typified by the backyards of homes facing the street and the fronts of homes facing each other.

Consultation on the regeneration took place during 2013/14 and work began on the estate in January 2015 to demolish 56 properties in the Courts

an image of the consultation conference

In early 2015 Darlington College produced the following Video which set out some of the aims for the regeneration of the estate.