Town Hall exhibition space

A new exhibition space was created at the Town Hall, Darlington, in 2014. There are five display boards and exhibitions by artists, photographers, designers , local students and local creative projects have been programmed so far. Anyone interested in submitting an exhibition proposal for this space should contact

Current exhibition

As the sun sets in Darlington

Campbell Sheppard – Autumn 2017 Exhibition

Campbell has had a passion for photography since childhood, and throughout his working life it has been a large part of his career.

Since retiring from Police photography, he can now devote time to taking photographs that please him. 

He has always enjoyed a challenge, and drawing on his experiences in Police photography, producing images with limited natural light is an area which he explores in this exhibition.

He chose the urban, night-time environment of Darlington to illustrate the rich, abstract colours and hues that come to life as the sun goes down.

Using long shutter speeds and lenses with different focal lengths, he has tried to create a series of atmospheric images of Darlington with as little post production processing as possible.

Past Exhibitions

The Northern Echo Camera Club

Monday 24 July - Friday 1 September 2017

We know our readers are passionate about great photography, this was the idea behind the camera club to give members a unique opportunity to have their images published, and to bring together the cream of the region’s amateur photographers.

The club has been running for a year and a half now and we have over 500 Facebook members from across the North East, we have members of all abilities from complete beginners to some of the best in the region!

The exhibition shared a small selection of images from our talented photographers, all images in the exhibition could be purchased and if you are interested then you can contact me at

The club meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month in The Northern Echo offices on Priestgate.

The Camera Club exhibition poster, it shows several examples of photos and gives the event details, july 24 to august 25 Monday to Wednesday 8.30 to 5pm, Thursday 9.30 to 5pm, Friday 8.30 to 4.30pm at the Town Hall


Environment an exhibition of photographic prints and image manipulation.

Exhibition open Monday 15 May – Friday 21 July 2017

Feethams, Town Hall, Darlington, DL1 5QT
Opening Times
Monday – Wednesday 8.30am -5pm
Thursday 9.30am – 5pm
Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm 

The photographic prints featured in this exhibition were created by photography students from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College in Darlington. The collection showcased personal project work based on the ‘Environment’ with a variety of approaches such as: architectural structures, urban street, natural landscapes and coastal locations. The imagery exhibited represented the work students recorded, manipulated and presented using technical and aesthetical skills developed whilst studying on the A-Level photography course. The collection of work featured in the exhibition was captured in a variety of locations including: Darlington, Newcastle, Whitby, Redcar, Manchester, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

The course provides students with a fantastic opportunity to capture the local and surrounding areas but also discover destinations outside the UK to experience and document different cultures, art influences and galleries. Students are able to explore both digital and hand rendered editing processes through guided workshops and this is followed up with individual inquiries enabling students to develop skills relevant to selected themes.

Students who have work featured in the exhibition are as follows:


Amy Austin, Hannah Bartram, Alisha Edge, Lauren Gill, Jessica Moresby-White, Jordan Oliver, Amelia Rogers, Callum Spence, Charlotte Roberts, Chloe Rennie, Danny Brown, Emily Webster, Isobel Davidson, Rebecca Simmons, Robert Ellison, Emily Pritchard, Emily Rees, Jack Hodgson, Kenedie Wilson, Fahran Thurston, George Bell, Jordan Hewitt, Anna Pounder, Jasmine McGuiness, Jessica Hull, Jordan Hewitt, Sam Wagstaff, Zara Shamlou, Otto Speight, Eoghan Ross, Sophie Hodson.

Vicky Snowball, teacher of photography at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College.

Bill Lowery spring exhibition

Based in the North-East of England, Bill Lowery began sketching as a child, progressing to oil painting as a teenager. His paintings include still life, abstract, landscapes and portraits, as well as a series of First World War scenes. Bill’s main arts passion is sketching, which allows him to pursue his love of the great outdoors, and study the ways in which man has interacted with nature. In the studio he creates more detailed studies, reworking pieces drawn in the field, recreating images from photographs, or formulating imaginative, original sketches. The Town Hall exhibition space opened July 2014 and Bill’s exhibition is the sixteenth to be held there. Find out more for sales or commissioning on request from

Darlington Town Hall Exhibition Poster Small

Sea, Sand and Steel

Photographs by Chris Walker

Monday 16 January 2017 - Friday 10 March 2017

Seasandandsteel1 Small  Seasandandsteel3 Small

Historically the North East saw concentrations of heavy industry develop side by side with areas of great natural beauty. South Gare, at the mouth of the River Tees, is one such place where the results of human economic activity contrast sharply with the natural environment. The exhibition included includes film based photography (35mm) and work generated through traditional darkroom processes but does not seek to present itself as a masterclass in darkroom or camera handling techniques. Here Chris hopes to demonstrate that photography is more than just the resolution of technical challenges and that a photographer can successfully incorporate both subjective and objective element in their work.

The Market revisited

Exhibition ran Monday 28 November 2016 - Friday 6 January 2017

An indoor market trader An indoor market trader An indoor market trader

In 1986, artist Yvonne Talbot and author Allene Norris produced a book called The Market, which became a local bestseller, with original illustrations created during an artist’s residency. Creative practitioners Shelly Newnham and Norma Kyle followed in the footsteps of Yvonne and Allene, and worked in the market between the summer of 2015, to autumn 2016, this time working primarily through photography to generate this exhibition and produce a website, which explores that period in the markets history

Creative Darlington Love Your Markets Short NK Small

Photography Exhibition, Elaine Vizor
Monday 15 August - Friday 25 November 2016

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