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A new exhibition space was created at the Town Hall, Darlington, in 2014. There are five display boards and exhibitions by artists, photographers, designers , local students and local creative projects have been programmed so far. Anyone interested in submitting an exhibition proposal for this space should contact

Current exhibition

The Market revisited

Exhibition runs Monday 28 November 2016 - Friday 6 January 2017

An indoor market trader An indoor market trader An indoor market trader

In 1986, artist Yvonne Talbot and author Allene Norris produced a book called The Market, which became a local bestseller. Capturing both the vibrancy and atmosphere of the time, reflecting on the building and its sense of place within the towns social and economic history, they documented (in both a written and visual format), the personal stories of the traders, their line of work, including some of the customers of the day. The original illustrations used for the book, drawn by Yvonne, were produced as part of an artist’s residency, however, they were only recently displayed in an exhibition in 2015, in both Darlington Town Hall gallery and the Covered Market.

Creative practitioners Shelly Newnham and Norma Kyle revisited the original artists’ residency of 1986, following the footsteps of Yvonne and Allene, to engage with the people and the location, returning to the market between the summer of 2015, to autumn 2016. Keeping with tradition, Shelly and Norma acknowledged the daily business activities which took place, and the personalities who were part of the market during the time frame, using photography, plus a dedicated webpage. What Shelly and Norma experienced was a sense of community, similar to that documented in 1986. Extended families worked together or passed on their skills and knowledge to future generations. Despite the challenges that these businesses faced in the financial climate of the day, the majority have continued to adapt to changing needs and shopping habits.

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During the time frame Shelly and Norma visited business owners some retired, some moved on, and sadly, some left this world. New businesses were established, pop up stores became common place for those testing out new business ideas, whilst exhibitions and workshops also happened. Although there is not enough room to display all photographs taken, you can discover more about the project, by finding The Market – revisited, on Facebook and watching out for the website launch in December 2016. Thanks for stopping by the exhibition, but better still, why not have a look around the market and meet the personalities behind the portraits for yourself? Shelly and Norma

Past Exhibitions

Photography Exhibition, Elaine Vizor
Monday 15 August - Friday 25 November 2016

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