Object of the Month

Our object of the month for October has been chosen by visitor assistant Calum:


‘This is my favourite item in the collection as it is often overlooked despite being an important (and very well looked after!) bit of kit for its original owner. In a museum filled with fine railway trinkets and giant engines it is easy to ignore the humbler items of the collection, therefore I think it quite apt to shine a light on a necessity that aided workers of the railway as it grew and prospered. All hail the mighty (and smelly) clog!’

These clogs were used by a platelayer on the Stainmore Line. The Stainmore Line connected the coal producing areas of Durham with iron works in the West. Thomas Bouch was responsible for constructing the route which included three main viaducts, Tees, Deepdale and Belah and reached 1378 feet above sea level at its highest point. Change in social travel and increase of car ownership after the Second World War led to a decline in services offered. Withdrawal of freight services traffic began in 1952 and valuable passenger services were withdrawn in 1958 and the last train ran on Saturday 20 January 1962.

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