Object of the Month

Our object of the month for September has been chosen by Christine:

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‘I travel by train from Thornaby to Darlington every day. We have conductors who take fares on the train. The ticket machines look very different to this one. Passenger are now encouraged to purchase their ticket before travel! I always wonder about how heavy the machine is to carry!’


This Edmondson ticket dating machine is from Bishop Auckland. Thomas Edmondson was born 30th July 1792 and began working for the railway in 1836 aged 44. At this time, most tickets were handwritten from a book. Edmondson’s method of printing dated tickets with serial numbers meant that issuing tickets was now not only faster, but also made it more difficult to produce fraudulent tickets.  Edmondson left the railway in 1841 to set up J.B. Edmondson and by 1843 the Edmondson system had become the standard system adopted by railway companies.


The ticket machine on display at Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum.

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