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Public Health Substance Misuse (HP3)

Core Offer

Portfolio: Health and Partnerships Portfolio

This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: HP3 - People PH Substance Misuse

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This table lists comments from the public about this proposal


Core HP3 (Public Health Substance Misuse )
Core EffR5 (Members Allowances)
Core EffR19 (Senior Management costs)

The people whom I understand this support is being removed from are probably more worthy of the money being given to support them than those who run our local council, who are being paid at least four times what they need to be paid for the roles they are carrying out. If the people who run our council were just paid what they need to be paid, which is no more than £50,000.00 per person gross per annum, then this service could be maintained, along with the other services that are being cut. Keep the series and cut out the greed. I also think that if all of the cushy allowances that those who run our council were stopped, then none of these services would need to be cut, either. If the people who run our council want to continue to be paid at their current rate, may I suggest that they go into the private sector, as nobody who works in the public sector needs to be paid what those incompetent socialist dimwits are being paid.