Carlbury slip FAQ

Why has it taken so long to start work?

The landslip was identified in February 2013 and work started immediately to investigate the problem. This involved significant ground investigation works along the whole embankment, not just where the landslip was identified. The findings were worse than expected with 387m of the embankment potentially unstable. The solution is a major project, estimated to cost in the region of £4 million, money which we didn’t initially have.

However, after a successful bid into a national round of funding, we secured £2.4 million of government money, as well as £878,000 of its own money and a contribution of £596,000 from Northumbrian Water Limited. The Government announced the bid had been successful in December and work has continued to get the project started as quickly as possible.

Why will the work take so long?

There is no quick or easy solution. We have opted for the quickest, most practical method. The landslip is on the edge of the road close to a steep bankside, above a cliff, making access difficult and limiting the space available to work.

Why does the road need to be closed?

  • the two large Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) mains located underneath the road each carry water supplies into Darlington and beyond. These pipes need to be diverted out of the road so that it can be repaired without affecting water supply. There are major works required in the road to connect and divert these pipes meaning there will be very little road left while this takes place
  • the stabilisation works to the embankment will need to be undertaken from the top of the embankment. This will mean the road will be used as the point where the drilling equipment is lowered down the embankment to do the works. Again, this will mean there is little road space left making it impossible to work safely and allow traffic along the A67.

What is the diversion route?

While the road is closed, the diversion route will be the B6275, B6279 Staindrop Road, B6280 Carmel Rd North and A67 Coniscliffe Road and vice versa. The extent of the works will mean Durham Lane is closed to all except residents who need access to their properties from Ulnaby Lane. 

Won't the diversion route be susceptible to flooding?

There has been flooding to Staindrop Road in the past which has resulted in the road being closed for short periods. Works have been carried out on the drainage systems to ensure that they are working to their full capacity and further flooding has not taken place since this has been completed. Additional inspections of the systems will take place when flood warnings have been issued for this area to ensure that inlets to the drainage systems are clear.

Isn't the road surface on the diversion route in poor condition?

The diversion route has deteriorated due to the significant increase in traffic using the route since the landslip was identified. Regular checks are being carried out to ensure any potholes which are a safety concern are repaired in good time. Once the A67 works are complete, resurfacing work will take place on the diversion route to repair the worst affected areas.

How will public transport be affected?

During the road closure the Arriva bus service 75/76/76A will run a half hourly service diverted via Staindrop Road to Barnard Castle.

A temporary taxi bus will run from High Coniscliffe to the Town Centre, Monday to Sunday, for the part of the bus route cut off by the road closure. This will be free for passengers to use. Details of the timetable will be available on this website and at the bus stops along the route.

More information about buses and sustainable transport

It looks like nothing is going on – why is the road closed?

A lot of the work we need to do will not be visible from outside the site. Initially this will include complex work to divert the water which takes place within the road. The stabilisation work will mainly be carried out by engineers on the slope itself and might not be visible to the public. All of the works involve significant engineering challenges and have to be carried out in the safest and most efficient way.

The road closure is going affect me – how do I express my views?

We have held consultation events to gather the public’s views and ensure they are taken into account during the delivery of the project.

Response to questions asked by the community [pdf document]

To get in touch email:

Key contacts for the Project are:
Jonathan Gall: Project Manager 01325 388751
Ken Major: Traffic Manager 01325 388796

What are you doing for residents and businesses affected by the road closure?

A series of information events were held in February 2014 with local communities, residents and businesses near to the road closure.

Our business engagement team are available to offer advice and information to businesses and can be contacted on 01325 388682 or

You can keep up-to-date on progress by following us on Twitter [external link] or Facebook [external link]

How will the emergency services get through?

All emergency services will be kept informed so they can plan their services. We will work with the NHS and emergency care services to make sure that they are aware that a diversion route is in place.

Our health and social care teams will do all they can to assist and support vulnerable people but if anybody does have any concerns about specific individuals we would ask them to get in touch on 01325 745600

Will the footpath still be open?

We will endeavour to ensure the footpath along the A67 remains open throughout the project

How am I going to get my children to school on time?

Unfortunately, the road closures will have an impact on everyone and people will have to adjust their travel plans to allow more time or change the way children are taken to school. We will do everything we can to make sure that parents can still walk children to school along the footpath from Piercebridge to High Coniscliffe.

The bus that transports children to Hummersknott School will continue to operate but will amend its route to avoid the road closure. Students that live along the closed road will be unable to catch their usual bus so will be provided with alternative transport. This affects a small number of families and they will be contacted by letter with details of the new arrangements.

High Coniscliffe CE Primary, Hummersknott Academy and Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College have all been advised of the road closure so that they can inform students and parents.

Are the works close to any archaeological remains?

The site is due east of the ancient monument of Piercebridge Roman fort and vicus (civilian settlement). The works area includes what is thought to be the route of a Roman road heading east from the Fort. Archaeologists have assessed the impact of the work to ensure that the settlement is kept safe and engineers working on the site will be watching out for any remains – although none are expected to be found.

Can I have a reduction in my business rates due to roadworks affecting my business?

The circumstances of the project do not require any compensation to be paid. However, there may be circumstances where a reduction in business rates might be applicable. Please contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to investigate this.