Council Constitution

The Constitution is approved by full Council and sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which it has to follow. The Council has to exercise all its powers and duties in accordance with the law and this constitution. The Constitution is part of the Council’s Corporate Governance framework which defines the systems and processes by which the Council leads, directs and controls its functions and relates to its communities and partners.

Some of these procedures are required by law while others are a matter for the Council to determine.

The Constitution can only be amended by all Members of the Council sitting together as Full Council, however, consequential amendments can be made by the Monitoring Officer of the Council (Assistant Director, Law and Governance).

Part 1 - summary and explanation

Summary and explanation [pdf document]

Part 2 - responsibility for functions

Part 3 - rules of procedure

Part 4 - codes and protocols

Part 5 - Members' allowances scheme

More information about allowance and the scheme