Health and Well Being Board

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires all Local Authorities to establish a Health and Well Being Board. The purpose of this board is to support joint working on health and well being issues.

The Health and Well Being Board for Darlington was established by full Council at a meeting held on 21 March 2013, following a period of nine months of the Board being in a 'shadow' form.

The statutory functions of Health and Well Being Boards are to ensure that each area:

  • encourages providers of Health and Social Care services to work in an integrated manner for the purpose of advancing the health and well being of the population; and
  • undertakes the Public Involvement functions that were previously outlined in the 2007 Health Act.

In addition to the above the local authority and Clinical Commissioning Group are required to:

  • develop a comprehensive Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA);
  • develop a strong Joint Health and Well Being Strategy; and
  • in preparing the Joint Health and Well Being Strategy, the responsible authority and each of its partner Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) must consider the extent to which needs could be met more effectively by undertaking Section 75 of the NHS Act arrangements (joint commissioning).

Darlington's shadow health and well-being Board has developed a health and well-being Strategy and this is supported by Darlington's Health and Social Care delivery plan 2013/16.


NamePosition in OrganisationOrganisation
Ada Burns Chief Executive Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Bill Dixon Leader of the Council Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Veronica Copeland Cabinet Member with the Adults and Housing Portfolio Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Cyndi Hughes Cabinet Member with the Children and Young People Portfolio Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Andy Scott (Chair) Cabinet Member with the Health and Partnerships Portfolio Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Heather Scott Leader of the Conservative Group Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Wendy Newall Chair of Health and Partnership Scrutiny Committee Darlington Borough Council
Suzanne Joyner Director of Children and Adults Services Darlington Borough Council
Miriam Davidson Director of Public Health Darlington Borough Council
Andrea Jones (Vice-Chair) Chair Clinical Commissioning Group
Alison Wilson Chief Officer Clinical Commissioning Group
Karen Hawkins Director of Comissioning and Transformation Clinical Commissioning Group
Katie McLeod Head of Commissioning and Strategy Clinical Commissioning Group
Sue Jacques Chief Executive County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust
Colin Martin Director of Finance & Information / Deputy Chief Executive Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
Alison Slater Director of Delivery NHS England - Area Team
Ron Hogg Police and Crime Commissioner Durham Police Area
John Graham Director of Operations Probation Service
Michelle Thompson Chief Executive Officer Darlington Healthwatch
Marion Grieves Dean Teesside University
Michelle Thompson Representative Clinical Commissioning Group Community Council
  Representative Voluntary Sector
Chris Mathieson Corporate Governance Primary Healthcare Darlington Ltd

Meetings of the Health and Well Being Board

Ordinary meetings of the Board take place quarterly and are open to the public to attend, except where an item is of a confidential nature.

Tuesday 19 July 2016 3:30pm Committee Room 1 View the agenda and papers for this meeting (12/07/16)
Tuesday 18 October 2016 3:30pm Committee Room 1 View the agenda and papers for this meeting (11/10/16)
Tuesday 31 January 2017 3:30pm Committee Room 1 View the agenda and papers for this meeting (24/01/17)
Tuesday 25 April 2017 3:30pm Committee Room 1 View the agenda and papers for this meeting (18/04/17)


Agendas for previous years can be found in Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Reports