Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

What is SACRE?

The Standing advisory Council on religious education, or SACRE, advises the Local Education Authority on such matters as religious education provided in schools, in accordance with the agreed syllabus [pdf document], and Collective Worship. SACRE may also monitor the provision of religious education and collective worship in schools and provide advice and support to schools, if required.

Every Local Education Authority (LEA) is required by law to have a SACRE. Its origins go back to the Education Act of 1944, but the Education Reform Act 1988 and the Education Act 1996 [external link] strengthened its place in an LEA

What does SACRE do?

The Members of SACRE meet three times during the academic year to discuss matters including the agreed syllabus on religious education, pupil attendance at collective worship and religious education lessons, and resource provision. SACRE meetings provide a forum for discussion and to advise decision-making bodies, and ensure that religious bodies in the town are properly represented.

Members of SACRE

The membership of SACRE consists of four Elected Members, representatives from most religious denominations, teachers and representatives from the teaching Unions, and a representative from Darlington Borough Council's school effectiveness service.

Mr. C. Reeves Baptist Church
Councillor Ann-Marie Curry Member of the Liberal Democrat party
Councillor Cyndi Hughes Cabinet Member with Children and Young People Portfolio, Darlington Borough Council 
Councillor Ian Galletley Opposition Member, Darlington Borough Council
Councillor Chris Taylor Chair of Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee, Darlington Borough Council
Rev. P. Baker Church of England
Martin Stand Church of England
Beth Miller Church of England
Vacancy Roman Catholic Church
Morvyn Sanderson Methodist Church
Reverend David Gibson Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church
Dr Quader Muslim Community
Dr N Thakur Hindu Community
Chodor Kelsang Buddhist Community
Ms N. Shaw Judaism Community
Mrs Muriel Calderon The Religious Society of Friends
Vacancy Salvation Army
Vacancy United Reform Church
Mr M. Fryer Co-opted Member
Mr P. Andre Co-opted Member
Ms J Cossins Co-opted Member
Mrs F Rankin National Union of Teachers
Ms J Uzzell National Association of School Teachers/Union of Women Teachers
Mr N. Blackburn National Association of Head Teachers

 Mr M. Shorten

Association of School and College Leaders


Association of Teachers and Lecturers

Agendas for previous years can be found on meetings, minutes and agendas