Cyndi Hughes

Councillor Cyndi Hughes

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Park East Ward

Contact Details

19 Oakdene Avenue,

01325 480975

About the Councillor

I was elected to the Council in 2003 to represent the Park East Ward. Following the Election in May 2015, I was re-elected to represent the Park East Ward and I serve on the following Committees:

I also represent the Council on SACRE, Darlington Partnership Board, North East Strategic Migration Partnership and North East Child Poverty Commission.

All Members are required to complete a Members' Interest Form when they are elected to the Council.

View my Members' Interest Form [pdf document]

Ward Surgeries

I, along with Councillor Nicholson and Councillor Wright, will hold ward surgeries for the Park East Ward on the following dates;

Dates Wednesday 7th March, 2018; Wednesday 4th April, 2018; Wednesday 2nd May, 2018 and Wednesday 6th June, 2018.
Time 6pm - 7pm
Venue Forum Music Centre
Dates Wednesday 14th March, 2018; Wednesday 11th April, 2018; Wednesday 9th May, 2018; Wednesday 13th June, 2018; Wednesday 11th July, 2018; Wednesday 12th September, 2018, Wednesday 10th October, 2018; Wednesday 14th November, 2018 and Wednesday 12th December, 2018. 
Time 6.30pm - 7.15pm
Venue St Augustine's Parish Centre, Larchfield Street
Dates Friday 9th March, 2018; Friday 11th May, 2018; Friday 8th June, 2018; Friday 14th September, 2018 and Friday 9th November, 2018.
Time 6pm - 7pm
Venue St Columba's Church, Clifton Road
Dates Friday 13th April, 2018; Friday 13th July, 2018; Friday 12th October, 2018 and Friday 14th December, 2018.                                   
Time 6pm - 7pm
Venue Coleridge Centre, Coleridge Gardens
Dates Saturday 17th March, 2018; Saturday 14th April, 2018; Saturday 19th May, 2018; Saturday 16th June, 2018; Saturday 21st July, 2018; Saturday 21st September, 2018; Saturday 20th October, 2018; Saturday 17th November, 2018 and Saturday 16th December, 2018.
Time 11am-12 Midday
Venue Young Peoples Ward Surgeries - Healthy Hub Area, Dolphin Centre