Sharifah Rahman

Councillor Sharifah Rahman

Political Party



Red Hall and Lingfield Ward

Contact Details

Democratic Services
Town Hall

07399 675507

About the Councillor

I was elected to the Council in 2017 following a By-Election to represent the Redhall and Lingfield Ward. I serve on the following committees:

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Ward Surgeries

I, along with Councillor I Haszeldine, will hold ward surgeries for the Red Hall and Lingfield Ward on the following dates;

Dates Wednesday 14th March, 2018; Wednesday 11th April, 2018; Wednesday 9th May, 2018; Wednesday 13th June, 2018; Wednesday 11th July, 2018; Wednesday 12th September, 2018; Wednesday 10th October, 2018 and Wednesday 14th November, 2018.
Time 6pm - 7pm
Venue Red Hall Community Centre


Dates Wednesday 28th March, 2018, Wednesday 25th April, 2018; Wednesday 23rd May, 2018; Wednesday 27th June, 2018; Wednesday 26th September, 2018; Wednesday 24th October, 2018 and Wednesday 28th November, 2018.
Time 6pm - 7pm
Venue Heathfield Primary School