Cockerton Ward By Election - Thursday 12 July 2018

On Friday 1 June 2018, a Notice of Vacancy was published and displayed advising of a casual vacancy in the office of Borough Councillor for the Cockerton Ward.  A by election to fill the vacancy can be requested, in writing to the Returning Officer, by two local government electors within the Local Authority area and the Returning Officer has received such a request.

Key Dates

Tuesday 26 June 2018, is the last date to register to vote in this by election. If your name is not on the Electoral Register by this date you will not be able to vote in this election. If you believe that you are not registered, you can register online (please note that you will need your Date of Birth and National Insurance Number). Alternatively, you can contact the Election Team on 01325 406444.

5pm, Wednesday 27 June 2018, is the deadline to apply for a Postal Vote or a Postal Proxy Vote, or change or cancel an existing Postal Vote or Postal Proxy Vote, for this by election. Postal Vote Packs will be issued on or around Monday 2 July 2018. 

5pm, Wednesday 4 July 2018, is the deadline to apply for a Proxy Vote (in person) for this by election. A Proxy Vote is when you nominate another person to vote on your behalf. 

To obtain a Postal Vote, Postal Proxy Vote or a Proxy Vote (in person), contact the Election Team on 01325 406444. 

The timetable for the Cockerton Ward By Election is as follows:

Nomination Packs available Thursday 7 June 2018
Publication of Notice of Election [pdf document] Thursday 7 June 2018
Deadline for receipt of Nominations 4pm, Friday 15 June 2018
Withdrawal of Candidates 4pm, Friday 15 June 2018
Appointment of Election Agents 4pm, Friday 15 June 2018
Publication of Notice of Election Agents  4pm, Friday 15 June 2018
Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated by 4pm, Monday 18 June 2018 
Last Date for Registration  Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Deadline for receipt of Postal Vote and Postal Proxy Vote Applications  5pm, Wednesday 27 June 2018 
Postal Vote Packs will be issued Monday 2 July 2018
Publication of Notice of Poll Wednesday 4 July 2018
Deadline for receipt of Proxy Vote Applications 5pm, Wednesday 4 July 2018
Appointment of Poll and Count Agents  Thursday 5 July 2018
First Day to issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot Papers Friday 6 July 2018
Polling Station opens  7am, Thursday 12 July 2018
Deadline for the receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications  5pm, Thursday 12 July 2018
Polling Station closes 10pm, Thursday 12 July 2018
Verification of Ballot Papers commences  10pm, Thursday 12 July 2018 
Count of Ballot Papers commences  Upon completion of Verification Stage (above), Thursday 12 July 2018
Declaration of Result Completion of Count - Thursday 12 July 2018