Forward Plan

Cabinet's Forward Plan sets out all the matters that are likely to be the subject of a key decision by the Council's Cabinet during the following four month period. Should a Key Decision not be included on the Forward Plan for four months the item will include a 'reason for late inclusion'.

A key decision is an executive decision, which, is significant in terms of its impact on the community or could result in significant expenditure or savings to the Council.

The Forward Plan is updated on a monthly basis and contains the following information about each key decision:

  • reference number
  • relevant department
  • contact details
  • brief description of decision to be taken
  • date to be considered by Cabinet
  • deferral history
  • date to be considered by Council
  • documents to be submitted
  • proposed consultees
  • consultation method
  • reason for late inclusion (if appropriate)
  • relevant Scrutiny Committee and Chair

You can make representations or obtain relevant documents by contacting the appropriate officer or Cabinet Member mentioned in the relevant Forward Plan or by contacting

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Reference Number Item Action Date to Cabinet Date to Council Contact Status
0728 Experience Darlington Adoption 12 September 2017 Lucy Humphrey
01325 406308
0734 Children Centres New Delivery Model - Consultation Outcomes Approval of New Model 12 September 2017 Yvonne Coates
01325 405864
0737 Children and Young People’s Plan 2017/22 Recommend to Council 12 September 2017 28 September 2017 Rosie Banks
01325 406062
0735 Procurement Plan Update (1) Approval 10 October 2017 Sarah Hutchinson
01325 405489
0738 SEND Strategy Approval 10 October 2017 Christine Shields
01325 405851
0739 Central Park – Revised Masterplan Approval of Document 10 October 2017 Jill Thwaite
01325 406312
0740 Ingenium Parc Adoption of Masterplan 10 October 2017 Kirsty McGready
01325 406314
0736 Council Tax Support Scheme 2018/19 Approval 07 November 2017 Anthony Sandys
01325 406926
0726 Darlington Local Plan 2016 to 2036 Approval 09 January 2018 David Nelson
01325 406291