GOLD (Growing Older Living in Darlington) Update

Reference Number: 0659
Department: People
Date Added:
Last Updated:

Contact Officer Details

Name: Miriam Davidson
Telephone: 01325 388463

Lead Scrutiny Committee and Chair:

Committee: Adults and housing scrutiny
Scrutiny Chair: Councillor Newall
Lead Officer: Catherine Whitehead
Lead Officer Email:

Relevant Cabinet Members

Name Email Portfolio

Description of Decision to be Taken:

The Council’s MTFP budget saving proposal in 2012 identified a requirement to ‘Review support and consultation with older adults’. This comprised a requirement to review GOLD and other support for older people and identified a budget saving of £27,000 in 2015/16. The proposal is to end the DBC funding for GOLD from 1.4.15 in order to deliver the budget savings identified.

Action: Decision
Date to be considered by Cabinet: 04 November 2014
Date to be considered by Council:
Deferred: No
Deferral History:

Reason for late inclusion:

Time taken to explore alternative options and to seek expressions of interest.

Added to the plan in accordance with:

General Exception Rule: No

Other Details

Affected Wards: All Wards
Documents to be submitted: Report and Equality Impact Assessment as an appendix
Proposed Consultees: People aged 50+; GOLD members.
Consultation Method: Information on the DBC and GOLD websites; meeting of active GOLD members; EIA form to all GOLD members; information to representative organisations