Civil funerals

A Civil funeral is a dignified and personal way of remembering and celebrating the life of a loved one when they pass away.

The Registrar will design a ceremony with you making it personal and unique to the individual reflecting their life, their personality, their achievements and talk about important people in their life and in a dignified and non-religious way.

Ceremonies can include readings, music and poems and prayers. Although the ceremonies are non-religious in nature, they can include readings with religious content and the Lords Prayer can be used during the ceremony.

Where would it be?

The Registrar will perform the ceremony at a crematorium or place of burial chosen by the family and may be in or outside of Darlington.

Cemeteries and crematorium in Darlington

How do I organise a Civil funeral?

A Civil funeral can be organised before or after the passing of a loved one. You can contact us direct or through your funeral director and we will arrange to meet you at either our office or at your home to make the arrangements.