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Welcome to Ingenious Darlington

Take a look at the dedicated website for Ingenious Darlington [external link] where you can find out more.

Briefly, Ingenious Darlington is a place brand for Darlington. It’s a brand that all Darlington organisations can use to say “We’re Darlington and we’re proud of it.”

Ingenious is a perfect way to describe Darlington. There are so many amazing things that have happened and still happen here, from the birthplace of the railways, to bridges that have spanned the world.

Ingenuity ties together our town’s past, its present, and most importantly of all, can inspire its future.

The Ingenious Darlington brand can be adopted and used by local organisations, schools, community groups and businesses. It is a flexible brand with different styles of the logo and a colour palette.

We hope that as many Darlington organisations as possible use the brand. This will help to build an identity which can demonstrate to businesses who may be considering investing in our town that we’re presenting a co-ordinated message, and that we’ve got our act together. We hope the brand becomes the ‘glue’ that links all the great Darlington businesses and organisations together – we can be a lot stronger together. 

Take a look for yourself on the Ingenious Website [external link] and get on board the brand.

Take a look at who is already on board:

  • Cleveland Bridge
  • Rockliffe Hall
  • Bussey & Armstrong
  • Darlington Building Society
  • Star Radio
  • Darlington College
  • and many more

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