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Terms and conditions of loaning a device

You must agree to our terms and conditions when lending a device.

Use of device

You agree:

  • to use the device only for lawful purposes
  • to accept full responsibility for the iPad while it is on loan to you, and not lend it to anyone else
  • to take good care of the iPad and avoid exposing it to extremes of temperature, humidity or dirt and store it in a secure place taking reasonable steps to prevent its loss or theft

Information about you

We will collect information about the use of the device when it is loaned out to you.

This data will be anonymous, unless we have reason to believe you are using the device for unlawful purposes.

Any personal data on the device when returned to us will be removed before the device is rehired.

Returning the device

You agree to return the device at the agreed end of the loan period, this can be extended via renewal.

If the device is not returned with no contact from yourself we will cut off the data, and remotely switch off the device.

Following the return of the device we'd really appreciate if you could fill out a feedback form so we can identify improvements for future users.

Loss or damage

You agree to inform us as soon as possible if the device is lost or damaged.

All devices are managed remotely and can be securely locked and rendered unusable at any time.

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