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Earnings and employment

Certificate of earnings 

If you do not have wage slips to send us as proof of your earnings then we can accept a certificate of earnings from your employer. Part of this form needs to be printed and given to your employer. Once this has been completed they can send it to us through email or post.

Certificate of earnings e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Self-employed Earnings 

If you or your partner have applied for, or are in receipt of, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and are self-employed you can tell us about this by completing the e-form below.

Self-employed earnings [e-form opens in a new window]

Starting employment 

Once you have started work your housing benefit may stop, but you may still be entitled to some housing benefit if you are on a low income.  All you need to do is to provide us with proof of your new income and we will work out if you should still receive housing benefit. 

If you have been receiving income support, jobseekers allowance, employment and support allowance, severe disablement allowance or incapacity benefit for more than 26 weeks in a row you may be entitled to receive an extended payment of housing benefit. This means that you would continue to receive the same amount of benefit for four weeks after your circumstances changed.

You will need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions to see if you are entitled.

To inform us that you or a partner are starting employment you can complete our Return to Work e-form below:

Return to work e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Financial information e-form 

You can use our Financial Information e-form to provide further information about your Income, Assets, Debts and Expenses when we have requested this information from you.  

Financial information e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

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