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Landlord and property information

Direct payment of housing benefit to a landlord 

If you are living in a Housing Association property, hostel, caravan, or mobile home you can have your Housing Benefit paid directly to your landlord.  If you are a private tenant we will make payments directly to you except in exceptional circumstances.

If you would like to apply to have your Housing Benefit paid direct to your landlord please use our online form below:-

Direct payment of housing benefit to a landlord e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Landlord certificate of rent 

If you are an Agent or Landlord and we have asked you to provide proof of rent for one of your tenants than you can use our Certificate of Rent e-form below:-

Landlord certificate of rent e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Sharing information with your landlord 

Sharing information with your private landlord could help us deal with your claim more quickly and reduce the risk of you falling behind with your rent due to your claim being delayed. For more information on what information we will and won’t share please view the e-form below. If you are willing to let us contact your landlord then please complete the information required and submit your application.

Sharing information with your landlord e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Please note that we may need to confirm information with your landlord before we can make a decision on your claim, for example, the start date of your tenancy. In these circumstances, we can contact your landlord without your permission.

Habitual residence test 

If you have come to the United Kingdom (UK) within the last 2 years we may need some more information to decide if you are habitually resident in the UK. If we have asked you for more information regarding your habitual residence then you can complete the e-form below :

Habitual residence test e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Second home form 

If you have an interest in a property which is not the property that you are living in then we may need more information from you about this property. You can use our second homes e-form below to do this:-

Second home e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

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