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If you are unhappy with any decisions we have made about your claim, you can ask us to look at these again, or you can make an appeal to Her Majesty's courts and tribunal service. 

If you want us to look at our decision again, or if you want to appeal, you must complete our appeals e-form (below) within one month of the date you received our decision, clearly stating why you disagree with our decision.  

Once your claim has been looked at again, we will write to you and tell you if we can change our decision.

Housing benefit and council tax support appeals e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Risk of violence 

If you have left a property due to violence or a fear of violence you can tell us about this for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support purposes on our risk of violence e-form here:

Risk of violence [e-form opens in a new window]

Confirmation of childcare payments 

If we have asked you for more information on your childcare payments you can tell us about it on this form. You should complete the first part then print the second part and hand it to your childcare provider. Your childcare provider can then send this to us at the address on the application.

Childcare payments e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Additional bedroom for a carer 

If you have a regular overnight carer who does not normally live with you then you may be entitled to claim an additional room allowance for Housing Benefit. For more information and to make an application you can use the e-form below.

Additional bedroom for an overnight carer e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

Request an appointee 

An appointee is where you choose someone to become responsible for all aspects of your claim. They also become responsible for repaying any overpayments and receiving all correspondence on your behalf. They need to be capable of managing your affairs and be trusted to act in your best interests. They must be in regular contact with you and have enough knowledge of your circumstances to notify us of relevant changes of circumstances and answer enquiries. 

You would only need an appointee if you are unable to manage your own affairs due to physical or mental incapacity. The appointee may or may not be permanent.

If you would like to appoint someone to act on your behalf for your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support then you can complete our e-form below:-

Request an appointee e-form  [e-form opens in a new window]

Enquiries about your housing benefit and council tax support 

If you have an enquiry regarding your Housing benefit or Council Tax Support please use our e-form below. Please make sure you include your claim reference number to help us deal with your enquiry.

Enquiry e-form [e-form opens in a new window]

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