Children and young people's plan 2017-22

We want to make sure that all children and young people growing up in Darlington get the best start in life - for example you feel safe, are healthy, are achieving at school, grow up in a caring community and enjoy life.

There is a plan in place called the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) which sets out how we can achieve this. The plan has recently been refreshed and updated, to cover the period from 2017-22. Read the new CYPP [pdf document]

The new plan replaces the existing plan, which covered 2014-17. The old plan can be read here [pdf document]

The CYPP is linked to the vision for Darlington, known as One Darlington, Perfectly Placed [pdf document]

The plan sets out the following ambitions

  • Ambition 1: Ensuring that all children and young people are safe from any perceived harm
  • Ambition 2: Improving the health and wellbeing of all babies, children and young people
  • Ambition 3: Improving achievement and academic attainment for all children and young people
  • Ambition 4: Empowering families to be resilient and to achieve economic wellbeing

To achieve all four ambitions, we will work together to focus on the following seven main priority actions

Priority actions for the next five years

  1. Increase breastfeeding rates and reduce the incidence of smoking at the time of delivery
  2. Reduce obesity levels
  3. Improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of all children and young people
  4. Reduce the number of children and young people living in poverty
  5. Improve school attendance and attainment
  6. Increase the number of young people in work, education or training
  7. Strengthen families to reduce the need for statutory intervention.