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Who are “Darlo Care Crew”?

“Darlo Care Crew” are Darlington Children in Care Council, a group of young people in care who come together regularly, to look at issues that affect children in the care of Darlington Borough Council. Working with the Council, we make decisions which help to make the lives of young people in care better.

What's on Darlo Care Crew (DCC)?

If you are interested in attending any of the below meeting please contact [email protected] or give him a ring on 07949518506

Things to do in Darlington

Did you know you can get free leisure with Healthy Darlington Card if you don’t have a card ask your Social Worker? 

The Max Card

Free or discounted entry to loads of great attractions [external link]

Arts and Culture Head, Heart, Hands Darlington

Head, Heart, Hands Darlington project [external link]

The Pledge

The ‘Pledge to Children in Care’ was develop from listening to young people’s thoughts and problems about being in care in Darlington. The Pledge is a set of promises that the Council has made to all children in care.

Darlington Borough Council promises all children in care that we:

  1. We will organise the way we work to best meet the need of children and young people
  2. We will do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it
  3. We will keep in touch with you by your preferred method and make sure you know how to keep in touch with us
  4. We will ask you where you want to have your meetings
  5. Social workers should put in writing and sign what they have agreed to do! When the young person and social worker agree that these things are going to happen
  6. We agree that young people should decide whether carers /parents should attend meetings
  7. We agree that you should carry out agenda days at least 3 times per year to bring all children in care together
  8. We understand you have a private life like us so if we have to ask you anything personal we will do it privately and sensitively
  9. We agree to children and young people having a say when changes that take place affect you
  10. Your social worker will ensure that the best possible placement is identified for you
  11. We will help you to have a voice in matters concerning service for children in care Darlo Care Crew will do this and your IRO will take forward issues that you may have, we will also make you aware of advocacy services such as NYAS
  12. We will remove barriers to encourage greater inclusion, so all children and young people can have a voice regardless of disability, culture or ethnicity
  13. We agree that you should be included in the decision about what school you go to
  14. We will involve children in care and their views when interviewing staff that are going to work with you

Have your say

Mind of My Own

One way to have your say and share your views is through Mind Of My Own. The One app is a communication tool created by Mind Of My Own which makes it easier for you to express your thoughts, experiences, good news and report any problems to your Care Team.
You can download the One App via the app store or google play store. (can you add screen shoots of what this would look like?)
You can also sign up and use Mind Of My Own on-line [external link]
Have a look at this guide to see how to download and use the app (Young Person Poster & Guide to Download pdf) or watch this short video [external link] . Don’t forget when signing up you will need an email address and remember to select Darlington Children Service’s.
As with all apps it’s important to protect your privacy so make sure you log out when finished & don’t share your password with friends or strangers. Also remember if you send in a statement outside of working hours (Mon-Fri 9am till 5pm) it will not be looked at by a member of the LATC Team till the next working day.
If you need any help with Mind Of My Own speak to your Social Worker or email [email protected]

Who’s who in Children’s Services and what do they do?

Link to the Who's who document [pdf document]


Choices Together years 10 &11 an opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a university student.

The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership [external link]

Is Higher Education for me?

Propel - Higher Education guidance [external link]

Do you know your Rights

Your Rights Explained

IMO [external link] was created by the Children’s Commissioner for England

IMO [external link] is a voice for teenagers in care and for care leavers. It is somewhere you can share stories, experiences and achievements, get and give advice, and find loads of great free stuff!

Children's Rights in England [external link]

Leaving Care

When I get older do I have to leave my Foster home?

  • There are some changes called Staying Put that allows young people to stay where you are until you are 21. What does it mean for you [pdf document] 

Your pathway plan says how the council will help you prepare to live independently

The council has a duty to provide the following financial assistance once you turn 18

Are you willing to accept support and do not want, or are not ready, to live alone?

Stay safe when using the internet and other forms of electronic communication

What is an IRO and what is a Looked After Review?

If you are not happy about something what can you do?

Why not join Darlo Care Crew?

If you are aged 9 and above and in care in Darlington you can join Darlo Care Crew. If you want to know more about “Darlo Care Crew” or want to take part in helping to change things for the better you can get in touch with us through

Andy Whittam
Participation Officer
[email protected]

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