Heritage at risk

Heritage at Risk includes designated heritage assets whose poor condition threatens their conservation if deterioration is not addressed. Heritage can be ‘at risk’ for a number of reasons. Vacancy and lack of use are common reasons, as is the loss of significance caused by removal of original features and poorly executed alterations.

Over a period of time data has been collected by English Heritage [external link] about the condition of Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings graded I and II*, churches and Conservation Areas. The Borough Council maintains a local Heritage at Risk register [pdf document], which includes all grades of Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

For more information on why Listed Buildings are given grades and the powers the Council has to protect them see Listed Buildings.

Conservation Areas at Risk

Since 2009 Historic England [external link] has collected data annually from Local Planning Authorities on the condition of their Conservation Areas. Darlington currently has three Conservation Areas that meet the criteria of being ‘at risk.’

These are:

  • Northgate
  • Victoria Embankment
  • West End

The usual duty of Councils is to ensure that planning decisions have a positive or neutral effect on Conservation Areas, under section 72(2) of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. In Conservation Areas identified as being ‘at risk’ a positive effect would be sought.

Sources of Advice

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