Historic parks and gardens

Registered sites in Darlington Borough

Historic England maintains a Register of Parks and Gardens [external link] of ’special historic interest’ with the aim of encouraging their protection and conservation. Registration entails no additional statutory controls however the effect of any proposed development on this special character is a material consideration in considering any planning applications.

There are two registered sites in Darlington Borough, both assessed as grade II (grade two):

Further Information

Detailed advice concerning the Register and historic parks and gardens is available from:

Further information

Detailed advice concerning the Register is available from:

English Heritage 23 Savile Row LONDON W1S 2ET
Telephone: 0207 973 3000

Other Parks and Gardens of interest

The Borough of Darlington Local Plan identifies the following other parks and gardens, which are not in the English Heritage register, that are of landscape or historic interest:

  • North Lodge Park
  • Blackwell Grange
  • Rockliffe Park, Hurworth Place
  • Middleton Hall, Middleton St George
  • Walworth Castle
  • Redworth Hall
  • Hall Garth, Coatham Mundeville
  • Newbus Grange, Hurworth
  • Neasham Hall

See Local Plan Policy 9 for details.

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