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Core Strategy DPD examination

The Council adopted its Core Strategy Development Plan Document on 6th May 2011.

The Planning Inspector Patrick T Whitehead Dip TP (NOTT), MRTPI, conducted an examination to determine if the Core Strategy is sound.

A copy of his report [pdf document] was published and issued on 13 April 2011.

Hearing documents

As part of the Examination the Inspector held a series of hearing sessions. The Hearing Examination ran from the 25th to 27th January 2011. Documents relating to the hearing include:

Council documents

Core strategy documents
Document reference Document name
DBC001 Initial responses of Darlington Borough Council to Representations made on the Core Strategy publication draft [pdf document]
DBC002 New housing provision in policy CS10: Position Statement [pdf document]
DBC003 Provision of Affordable housing in policy CS11: Position Statement [pdf document]
DBC004 The Employment Land Allocation in CS5: Position Statement [pdf document]
DBC005 Strategic Housing Locations Selection + Phasing: Methodology Statement [pdf document]
DBC006 Opening Statement [pdf document] 
DBC007 Statement of Common Ground Matter 5 Transport [pdf document] 
DBC008 Pre Hearing Proposed Minor Changes [pdf document] 
DBC009 Council's Response to Inspector's RS Reinstatement Letter [pdf document] 
DBC010 Proposed Minor Amendments: Strategic Locations [pdf document] 
DBC011 Proposed Changes (Matters 2.1, 2.2 and 2.4) [pdf document] 
DBC012 Table: Employment site in Darlington with planning permission or site with current planning permission [pdf document] 
DBC013 Report on the examination into the Stockton-on-Tees Core Strategy [pdf document, 281kb] 
DBC014 Building Britain's Future - Housing Pledge: The Growth Fund, CLG Letter 17 July 2009 [pdf document] 
DBC015 Proposed Minor Amendment: Policy CS10, New Housing Development and paragraph 6.1.11 [pdf document] 
DBC016 Proposed Minor Amendment: Representations of Strategic Locations on the key Diagram [pdf document] 
DBC017 Policy CS3 Area of Least Constraint Methodology Statement [pdf document] 
DBC018 Policy CS3 Promoting Renewable Energy: On Site Provision of Renewable Energy Methodology Statement [pdf document] 
DBC019 Proposed Minor Changes: CS5 Supporting The Local Economy [pdf document] 
DBC020 Proposed Minor Changes: CS11 (Meeting Housing Needs) + paragraph 6.25 [pdf document] 
DBC021 Proposed Minor Changes: CS13 Accommodating Travelling Groups [pdf document] 
DBC022 Post Submission Proposed Minor Changes [pdf document] 

Representor documents

Hearing library

The creation of the core strategy has been informed by a wide range of important documents.

You can download these documents form the hearing library page. They can also be made available to view at the Town Hall.

Hearing procedures