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Local Plan (adopted 1997, alterations 2001)

The existing Borough of Darlington Local Plan was adopted by the Council in November 1997. Alterations were adopted in September 2001 relating to land at Elm Tree Farm and Muscar House Farm, Whinfield.

This existing Local Plan is gradually being phased out and will be replaced by a new style Local Plan for the Borough of Darlington which is currently being prepared.

‘Saved’ policies within the existing Local Plan (adopted 1997, with alterations 2001) that were 'saved' under the provisions of Section 38 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, continue to form part of the statutory planning framework for the Borough. However, these ‘saved’ policies will gradually be replaced as new policies are adopted within the emerging new Local Plan [external link].

You can view the existing Local Plan Written Statement [pdf document]. This sets out policies and proposals of the Plan and the reasons for them. Policies adopted in the Core Strategy Development Plan Document and Tees Valley Minerals and Waste Core Strategy and Policies and Sites Development Plan may also be relevant.

Update on "saved policies"

The following policies and proposals ended on 27 September 2007, as a result of not being formally 'saved' and from this point they no longer form part of the statutory planning framework: E6, E19, E27, E28, E30, E31, E33, E35, E52, H6, H8, R10, R21, R22, S17, T2.

A number of other policies within the existing Local Plan (1997) were superseded when the Darlington Core Strategy was adopted in May 2011 and no longer form part of the statutory planning framework for the Borough: E1, E6, E7, E8, E10, E11, E15, E16, E19, E23, E24, E25, E26, E27, E28, E29, E30, E31, E32, E33, E34, E35, E45, E46, E47, E48, E49, E50, E52, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H9, H11, H14, H15, H16, H21, R1, R2, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R13, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R24, R25, R26, EP1, EP5, EP13, EP14, EP15, EP16, EP17, S1, S2, S12, S13, S14, S16, S17, S18, TO1 – TO9, T1, T2, T3, T4, T12, T13, T16, T24, T25, T30, T31, T33, T34, T37, T38, T39, T45, T48, T53, T54.