Blackwell draft planning and development brief

Blackwell Consultation

The outcome of the consultation process for the Blackwell Grange Planning and Development Brief was reported to the Place Scrutiny Committee on the 12 September 2017. Further details can be seen by in our Democracy section 

The Council had decided that as part of the Local Plan housing allocations, sites at Blackwell could be developed for higher end and executive housing. An initial consultation on the development of a Planning and Development brief was carried out in 2015.

In 2015, the Council consulted Blackwell residents on proposals to allocate four sites on the former Blackwell Grange Golf Course for top-end executive housing. Since then, the Council has been working closely with the Blackwell Neighbourhood Forum to develop a Planning and Development Brief for the site known as He4 that has recently been marketed. Officers have subsequently been working on similar proposals for the remaining land and a draft Planning and Development Brief for the Council owned Sites He 1, He1 a, and He 3 was prepared. As part of the Brief a Landscape & Restoration Plan for the parkland areas was proposed, worked up by TGP Landscape Architects with Historic England. This is to restore the Parkland and open up the land for the public.

The draft Planning and Development Brief for sites He1-3 can still be viewed below alongside Appendix 1, the Landscape and Restoration Plan, a list of frequently asked questions and a copy of the consultation letter.