Register of definitive map modification order (DMMO)

Under section 53B of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 [external link] (introduced by paragraph 2 of Schedule 5 to the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000) it is a requirement that surveying authorities maintain a register of DMMO applications.

Paper copies of the register are available at customer services. Copies of the register may be made, but a charge may be made for this service.

Entries in the register shall be made by:

  1. 28 days from the date the application is received by the authority
  2. relevant date of 31 December 2005.

The register shall be updated as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Map modification register
DMMO reference Parish Description of intended effect Path number Ward Maps Date application received
001/2005 Darlington New right of way between Beaumont Street West and Grange Road N/A Central   19/11/2005
002/2007 Hurworth To register a Public Footpath running inside the eastern boundary of Hurworth Grange. From Croft Road to meet the existing Hurworth Footpath 12 at its northern boundary N/A Hurworth   12/11/2007
003/2008 Low Dinsdale Register a Public Right of Way in Low Dinsdale running from Sadberge Road to meet the curtilage of the existing highway known as the A67 N/A Middleton St George   07/07/2008
004/2010 Hurworth Register a Public Right of Way in Hurworth Parish: running from Tees View, Hurworth Place to the railway viaduct over the River Tees N/A Hurworth Map ref:004/2010 [pdf document] 11/02/2010
005/2011 Darlington To register a Public Right of Way in Central Ward, Darlington. From Grange Road to Beaumont Street West N/A Central Map ref:005/2011 [pdf document] 17/06/2011
007/2015 Darlington To register a Public Right of Way between Sutton Close and Darlington Public Footpath 48 at the open space alongside Baydale Beck N/A Mowden Map ref:007/2015 [pdf document] 11/09/2015