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Help to move your bin

A few months ago, we wrote to everyone who is registered for our assisted waste collection service. This service is for people with limited mobility or who are registered blind.  It had been a long time since we updated our records, so we wrote to those on the list to find out if they still need the service.

For those that replied we will continue with the service. For those who didn’t reply the service will end on 2nd October.  From that date we will work from the new list.

If you still need the service and forgot to reply or mislaid the letter, you can re-register either online by using the form below or by calling Customer Services 01325 405111.

Everyone who didn’t respond to the letter will still have their waste collected. It just needs to be left at the edge of the property in the usual way.


Do you need help to move your bin ready for collection?

Help is available for people who find it difficult to move their bin to the street on bin day. 

This includes people who:

  • are registered blind or visually impaired
  • use walking aids or a wheelchair
  • are infirm and live alone

Where will you collect my bin from?

Our crew will collect your rubbish or recycling bin from your garden or backyard if there is reasonable access. This will mean leaving your gate unlocked on bin day.

We do not collect bins from inside houses, sheds or garages, because we don’t hold on to keys.

Help can also be arranged for the garden waste service.


How can I get help to move my bin?

Call Street Scene on 01325 405111. They will take your details and if you are eligible we will add you to the list for help. You can also use our online form by clicking the button below.

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