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Refuse and recycling bins and boxes

Ordering replacement equipment

How do I order and pay for a new bin?

You can order a replacement bin here. Payment must be made at the time of the request.

There has been a problem!

My bin is lost or stolen

You can order replacement wheeled bins, recycling bins, glass boxes and paper caddies. Like other councils, we charge a fee for each bin to cover replacement costs for the high number that go missing each year.

My bin is damaged

If your bin is damaged by the collection vehicle or crew, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

The crew will report any damage and we will replace or repair your equipment within 10 working days.

Moving house

If you move to a new property where there are no bins, you can order everything online and we’ll deliver it to you.

If there is no bin or some of the equipment is missing when you move to an older house, we will replace the items free of charge. You need to leave your bins at your old property when you move.

I am on scheme B but want a recycling bin

If you are on scheme B, you will have a green box, a green caddy and a blue bag for your recycling due to access to your property.

Would you prefer a wheeled bin? They are easy to move and bigger so you can recycle more! If you can get a wheeled bin to the front of your property on collection day and would like to replace your box, caddy and bag please email [email protected] or call 01325 405111 and we will arrange delivery.

My bin isn’t big enough

Families of five or more can request a larger 360 litre bin free of charge. We will take your 240 litre bin away and swap it for a bigger one. If you have extra recycling we will provide an extra wheeled bin or box.

You must not leave extra waste by the side of your bin. We will not collect it and you could get a fixed penalty notice if you leave waste in a street or back alley. Any extra rubbish can be taken to the tip free of charge.

If you need to order a bigger bin, call Street Scene on 01325 405111


If I’m on benefits or a council tenant do I receive a discount?

No. All residents are charged if we need to deliver a replacement.

If I order and pay for a new bin, where will it be delivered to?

Delivery will be within 10 working days and will be made to your home address. If you haven’t got a safe place where we can leave your equipment we will need you to sign for it. A safe place is a garden or drive, somewhere off the pavement or road. You can nominate a neighbour to take delivery for you.

I am not willing to buy a replacement bin. If I put black bags out on collection day will they be collected?

No. Due to the height of the wagons everything must go in a wheeled bin. This to prevent injury to the crew. Lifting waste by hand is a last resort.

If you refuse to pay for a replacement wheeled bin you may be served with a Section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and/or other relevant laws. The notice will require you to provide a bin for your waste. Failure to comply with this notice may lead to us issuing a fixed penalty notice and/or prosecution.

If you don’t want to pay to replace the bins you need to make alternative arrangements to recycle and dispose of your waste.


Charges for lost or stolen equipment

Charges for lost or stolen equipment
Replacement equipment item Charge
Standard 240L bin £21.00
Large 360L bin £53.35
Paper caddie £5.40
Glass recycling box £3.45
General recycling box (scheme B) £1.70
Lid for recycling box £1.45
Wheeled bin lid £5.25
Wheeled bin wheel £1.24


What other arrangements can be made to dispose of household waste?

You can take waste to the tip and recycling centre.

We also offer bulky waste collection, where you can pay for up to six large items to be collected for £18.80.

 Please be aware that if you pay someone to take away waste for you, such as a ‘man with a van,’ you must check they have the correct waste disposal licenses and are planning to dispose of your waste properly. If your waste becomes a fly tip, you could be held responsible and even prosecuted, even if you have paid them in good faith.