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Get involved

Here are some ideas of things you might do:

  • design a plastic free lunch/picnic/party
  • design a campaign to get all children to have a refillable/reusable water bottle
  • get in touch with local Parish Council to see if they want help in planting wildflowers/managing the wildflower area – or find a plot and plant your own
  • walk to school/college
  • cycle to school/college
  • encourage parents/carers to set up a car share scheme for school/after school club
  • learn what can/can’t be recycled and why (ask for a Wastebuster [external link] assembly (primary) or a talk for secondary)
  • learn to make a vegetarian/vegan meal
  • create art from rubbish (although take care that it does not then become unrecyclable)
  • develop an anti-idling campaign
  • write to your Councillor/MP/Youth MP
  • Become an Eco School [external link]

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