Capital limits

If you have capital, sometimes known as savings, assets or investments we may ignore some of its value when we work out how much income you get from it.

The current upper capital limit is £23,250. If you have capital at or above this amount you will not get any financial support towards your care costs.

If the value of your capital is above the lower capital limit of £14,250 and below £23,250, for every £250, or part of £250 over the lower limit, £1 will be taken into account as weekly income. This will be added to your normal income in order to work out how much you will be asked to pay.

If you have savings or investments worth less than the upper capital limit of £23,250 we will calculate how much you need to contribute towards your care, based on your savings, income and some of your expenditure.

To discuss your care and support needs further please contact the Adult Duty Team who will arrange a financial assessment or review  if required, please contact:

Arrange a financial assessment