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Day Opportunities and Employment

There is a range of information on day and employment opportunities for people with a learning impairment in Darlington. 


There are a number of sources of support available to people looking for employment.

Darlington Association on Disability
Darlington Association on Disability have a guide to services and support for disabled people within which is a section on employment related support services. For more information visit theDarlington Association on Disability website [external link].

Learning Impairment Service
Darlington has a website which has been developed by working closely with local people to provide information in an easy read format for other people with a learning impairment. The website contains information on employment and training. For more information visit the DLD Live website [external link].

Day Opportunities

Day opportunities are open to people over 18 with a learning, physical, visual or hearing impairment. They can offer you help and advice on what day opportunities are available to meet your needs, but if you need support from Adult Social Care we will need to carry out an assessment.

You can view a list of the day opportunities in Darlington [external link]. You can contact any of them directly but the Adult Social Care Team is the first point of contact for all referrals.