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For people with a physical, learning or sensory impairment, there is a wide range of equipment available that can be of use to people around the house, when out and about at work and for education.

The correct equipment can make life so much easier, but, choosing which product is right for you can take some time. There are organisations who can help you. Before spending your money on expensive equipment, take some time to seek advice and information about the range of products available. Where possible, have a look at the equipment and test it before you buy it.

Darlington Adult Social Care

Darlington Adult Social Care can support you to assess your needs and may also provide support regarding information and advice on certain items of equipment, aids and adaptations.

Examples of some of the support available from Adult Social Care following an assessment of your needs may include:

  • The loan of aids and adaptations to assist with daily living
  • Equipment for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, such as textphones, flashing or vibrating alarm clocks and door bells and loop systems.
  • Equipment to support people who have a visual impairment such as talking books, white canes and talking clocks.
  • Simple alterations or adaptations can also be arranged, such as handrails and hoists. For larger alterations you may be asked to contribute to the costs, depending upon your circumstances.

If you have been assessed as needing support with daily living, you may be interested in looking at a personal budget to help towards the cost of equipment.

Darlington Association on Disability

They provide information on:

  • organisations to contact for information and advice prior to purchasing equipment
  • where equipment can be bought or borrowed


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Darlington Association on Disability website [external link]


The National Health Service provides equipment  for your health needs. Contact your GP, who may be able to help you directly or refer you to more specialist services.

For more information visit the NHS website [external link].