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Assessing Your Needs

Most of the time, people with a hearing impairment, do not need additional support to maintain their independence. However, if you find you do need support in your daily living due to your hearing impairment or any other need, you can request an assessment from Adult Social Care.

Support is available for people who are deaf, hearing impaired or deafblind. Following an assessment of your needs through Adult Social Care, a support plan can be put together. This may identify you need some equipment or further support to maintain your independence.

Adult Social Care are required by law to keep a register of deaf and hearing impaired and deaf blind people. To be registered hearing impaired, you will need to go to the Audiology Department at Darlington Memorial Hospital for a hearing test. Your GP will be able to refer you to the Audiology Department. Registration is voluntary and you do not have to be registered to ask for help with hearing problems. However if you register it may help you to qualify for some benefits.

When you visit the Audiology Department, you will be given a form to sign. There are two boxes on the form - one is the agreement to an assessment by Adult Social Care for hearing equipment and the other if you agree to be registered as hearing impaired.

The Audiology Department will then contact Adult Social Care, who will send you a pink registration card and arrange for an assessment of your needs for hearing equipment.